About Us

Scott and Ruth, once married and now business partners, each spent many years in the jewelry business and always dreamt of owning a jewelry store . One that would allow them to use their creative energy and fit their particular vision. So they came together and  took the plunge to open OUTLETTE, a boutique  designer jewelry store that caters to those who want to buy unique  pieces but care about price too. ‘ We wanted to have a wider range of prices in order to  allow for... every level of happy’

With the help of their creative friends and several cans of paints  the two set to create a store that is both chic and eclectic,  warm and inviting.  In a city where the increasing majority of retail is chain and big business stores, Outlette is a refreshing reminder of the beautiful intimacy of boutique shopping. The vision for Outlette is…an outlet for edgy, established and up-and-coming designers with such brands as K/LLER, Giles and Brother, Lionette, Jenny Bird, Jovana Djuric, and Marie Laure Chamorel. However, new lines and merchandise arrive every day. As buyer and curator, Ruth Bienstock says, “I can't believe that my works involves buying lines of jewelry  that I love and sharing it with my customers.  I  will not buy one piece of jewelry that I don’t love. When I give feedback I want it to be genuine”.  

The store’s style caters to many featuring both men’s and women’s jewelry. The  infectious vibe invites customers to come explore and purchase with excitement. ‘ A woman enjoys dressing in many different styles, depending on her mood or the occasion. We want to have a variety of aesthetics to cater to each of her looks.”  Their lines include  dramatic statement pieces, edgier items  and pave and delicate jewelry.Located on the Upper West Side, Outlette is at the crossroads of NYC style and culture. Their style incorporates all that Scott and Ruth love of the various neighborhoods of New York City. Sophistication, variety  and urban cool.  Come Shop, Play, and Find your Outlette!


Instagram: @outlettenyc